Be yourself

Be yourself through fashion!

Tackling isolation one brick at a time

Bringing people together with Lego to tackle one of the biggest public health issues of our time – isolation

The ideal designer

Determining the ideal designer

The Ideal Designer

This model is supposed to show that the ideal designer is not one who sits inside all the time under a roof surrounded by four walls, but rather…

Checking the structure of the project

I have a broom to clean and a pointer to point, I check the projects foundation to see what can be improved


My attempt at a battle droid from Star Wars to show I’m a team worker and that I can help my team out and follow the task I’ve…

The shaper Legofied

Being the shaper of the team, I bring all the different shapes together and bring them to a happy place (under a rainbow) where I am on top…

My Platform

Door 1: my entry to opportunities of the web, Door 2: the web is my storage which creates my digital footprint 4 wheels: how many opportunities i have…

Social doors 🚪

Social media opens many doors and opportunities.


One can not use social media without sending it